It feels like summer is in full swing now. The weather is getting warmer and the kids are settling into their summer-time routines of summer running, basketball on the driveway and there’s even been a trip to our favorite frozen custard place. Its moving fast…but it’s good. And here we are back again at Friday…with plans to be made for the weekend ahead.

If you’re new to my blog, Finish It Friday started as a way to get something that has been lingering on your to-do list for a while, finished up and checked off. It has evolved into a weekly event where you are invited to share your weekend to-do list. Around here, the weekend to-do list involves stuff to do for fun, as well as stuff you’d like to get done. We don’t always check everything off our to-do lists each weekend, and that’s okay. Because what I know for sure is that we have more fun and get more done because we decided to plan ahead and decide how to use those precious days known as the weekend. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines up until now, consider yourself invited for a dose of more fun and more done this weekend.

Alright…here are my lists:

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  • Race for the Cure. It’s practically becoming a tradition for Kailea and I to run together in the Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure. Tomorrow is the big day. By the way, we went to pick up our t-shirts and bibs on Tuesday…and my bib wasn’t there; it was supposed to arrive via overnight mail yesterday…and it didn’t. Keep your fingers crossed that I get it in time, some way somehow. (#slightlyworried) Check! The race was fun. Running with Kailea and running for the cause were the highlights. The bib thing was distracting…and while I was able to run, someone else ran with my bib. I have no clue who…but someone else’s time is recorded as me. (And they didn’t run as fast as me. Bummer. But it’s time to let this one go. ;) ) 
  • Make cards for camp. This is another annual tradition. Next Sunday we take Kailea to camp, where for one week she has the time of her life, and I miss her like crazy. The camp has a “no contact with home” rule…which is actually a good thing for the kids, and (I guess) the parents, but it does make me a little stir crazy. And so…I send handmade cards. It is the one and only time of the year that I make handmade cards, by the way, so it’s a fun little project. No check. I’ll be doing this throughout the week…  
  • Father’s Day. Ugh. First Father’s Day without my Dad…it has definitely been approaching like a freight train. But, we’ll make it a fun day for Jay and we’ll go visit my father-in-law, so it isn’t all bad. Check. I kept busy trying to make the day nice for Jay. Hopefully he had a good day…I think so. :)
  • Make candles with Kailea. This one is a maybe. I have plenty of candles made…but still have same wax, jars and wicks…so we’ll see if Kailea is up for it. And this didn’t happen either, but…


  • Print school registration forms. Again, the goal is to get ahead of the game and fill these out a little bit at a time. Should be an easy check, right? Check!
  • Edit + print photos. I made some more progress during the week. I’ll be caught up one of these days. :)  CHECK! I edited and printed 100 prints (which means more actual photos because when I print 4″ x 3″ photos, I put two on a single 4″ x 6″ print. Long way of saying, this was a BIG project. But it is done! I now have all of April and May’s photos in my hands. Now for the fun part…putting together the pages (and ordering a new Project Life kit). Hooray!) 
  • Laundry. This is in relatively good shape right now. Love heading into the weekend with a light laundry load. This one gets a partial check. No one will go naked, so it’s good enough for now.
  • Meal plan + grocery shop. Check!
  • Research blinds and measure. No check. No worries. Still basking in the glow of the printed photos victory. :)
  • Figure out steps to paint front porch chair. And take one step. Check. I figured out the steps, and I decided on a color. 
  • Take in bike. Check! That one feels good…it has been lingering for a while. Yay! 
Alright…the weekend is a wrap! Hope you have a great week. :)

Okay…I think that’s it! Looking forward to a fun and productive weekend. What’s on your list today?

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