Happy Friday friends! Around here it is feeling a bit more spring-like. I’m hoping this translates into a fun and productive weekend. If you’re new to the blog, Finish It Friday is a weekly tradition here at simplify 101 where you share your weekend plans. The “fun” list encourages you to carve out time for fun, rest or relaxation, and the “done” list is your traditional to-do list. When you carve out time for fun (and share your list here) you’ll get more done. Try for yourself and see. :)

Here’s what’s on my Finish It Friday list this weekend.

checklist simplify 101Fun

  • Run 4 miles. (Goal #1) I got new shoes last night. Can’t wait to try them out tonight! (Check!)
  • Watch basketball games. I’m hoping I can watch the Michigan State game tonight…but if not, I’ll definitely watch two of Collin’s games this weekend. (Check, check, check, check, check – watched lots of b-ball this weekend. I love March.)
  • Boot camp. This is a maybe. (Nope. More details below.)
  • Spontaneous fun. I loved how this turned out last week, so I’m going to try it again this weekend. (All the extra basketball games count for spontaneous fun.)


  • Edit and print photos for Project Life. (Goal #3) (Partial check – progress was made.)
  • Laundry. (Check!)
  • Meal plan + grocery shop. (Check!)
  • Finish one lingering task. I’m going to get back to the original spirit of Finish It Friday this weekend, and pick something that has been lingering on my to-do list for a while and finish it up. It always feels good to tick off something that’s overstayed it’s welcome on my to-do list. I’m not sure which task I’ll pick…I’ll let inspiration be my guide. :)  Okay, so believe it or not but the lingering task I finished up this weekend was to get running shoes for Kailea and me. This turned into six total trips to two stores. As of right now, Kailea has new shoes; mine are on order. So, I’m calling this a check as it is as done as it can be at this point. The shoe drama is also the reason I didn’t do boot camp on Saturday. I ran in my new (and now returned) running shoes on Friday night. I was hoping to try out a replacement pair on Sunday and didn’t want sore or tired muscles from boot camp to try them out. Keep your fingers crossed that the next pair on order works out! :)  
Have a great week!!

What are your plans for the weekend ahead? Thanks for sharing your to-do list in the comments. Remember to check back in on Monday to share your updates right here in this post’s comments. Hope you have a great weekend!
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