Hello friends! I hope you had a great week. Around here, it was a bit nuts. I’ll spare you the gory details…and just say I’m happy that it is Friday! Before we get to the weekend to-do list, here are a few little updates.

In case you missed it, on Tuesday I was a guest on the Paper Clipping Roundtable podcast. So much fun! It was like a on-air coaching session with two scrapbookers who shared their challenges with organizing their scrapbook areas. Both scrapbookers are working in shared spaces, as opposed to dedicated scrapbook spaces. (So if you’re in the same boat, you might get some ideas you can put into action in your space.) Or if you’ve ever wondered what working with me via my coaching program would be like, this is like a little glimpse behind the scenes of coaching. Hope you enjoy!

Okay…so looking ahead to next week, I’m headed out of town for The National Association of Professional Organizers annual conference and expo in New Orleans. So…there won’t be a Finish It Friday next week. Just a heads up there.

Alright…on to the to-do list!

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  • Run. Must run twice this weekend. Goal is 7 miles. Partial check. I ran 3-1/2 miles. I learned that running after shopping for three hours (standing, walking, etc.) doesn’t work very well. I was actually too store to run on Sunday!! 
  • Help with Spring Fling at Kailea’s school. Check!
  • Watch Tae Kwon Do belt test. Check! 


  • Pack. And generally get ready to be out of town for four days. The great thing about going to an Organizing Convention is that the organizers of the convention are, well, organized. So I have my little travel checklist to call on, as well as the one provided by the conference. But…it’s been a while since I’ve been on a plane. Anything new in the world of flying and airport security that I might need to know? Any good airline travel tips to share? I appreciate any ideas. :)  Check!
  • Errands. Target, etc. Check!
  • Laundry. Check!
  • Plan Meals + Grocery Shop. Check!

Okay…that’s a good starting point for the weekend. What’s on your to-do list this weekend? Thanks for sharing!

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