Where and how do you store your jewelry? Mine is in my closet. And right now, I am semi-obsessed with jewelry organization! I am sure my latest obsession is partly because I’m immersed in in my closet reorganization project, and partly because of the amazing ideas I see on Pinterest! I seriously have amassed such fun and functional jewelry organizing pins that it has been really hard for me to figure out which option I wanted to do! Check out my pin board, and Aby has a great collection of pins, too!

Aby often suggests jewelry tray organizers to clients, and these are great because they can be stacked on a shelf or placed inside a drawer. You can get as many as you need, so it’s a very customizable solution. But she also stresses that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and people who are more visual (like me) need to see what they’ve got.

Jewelry storage also depends largely on the type of jewelry collection you have. Fine jewelry, costume jewelry, earrings, cocktail rings, bangles… I seem to have a little of everything, but mostly I have a large collection of necklaces. A few years ago, I got frustrated at the lack of space and functional design of jewelry boxes. (Why does the height never match the length of an actual necklace? Should I honestly only have 4 necklaces?) I also wanted to be able to easily see what I had. So I whipped up two of these babies.

Jewelry hanger

I cut squares of foam board, covered them with fabric, poked in small hooks, and strung picture wires on the back to hang them with. It was easy, cheap, and accomplished what I needed. But my collection has outgrown these, and now with my closet re-do, I have more wall space to play with.

So, will I go with the clever idea of silverware drawer organizers mounted on the wall? A framed, fabric-covered peg board? Shower rod with s-hooks? Repurposed rake? Oh, the possibilities! Though it was hard to choose just one, I have started a new, “pinspired” jewelry hanger. It’s not ready for the reveal yet, but I promise to show it off when it’s all done. I’m pretty excited about it!

Do you have jewelry storage solutions you love? Please tell us about it in the comments, or link to pins of what you have created and/or love.

Happy Organizing!