Happy Friday friends! I hope you had an excellent week. Are you ready to get yourself organized for the weekend? I I’d love it if you’d join me for Finish It Friday this week. Simply share your “fun list” (things you plan to do for fun) and “done list” (things you want / need to get done this weekend) in the comments below. Then, come back on Monday and share how your weekend went. It’s simple, fun and effective. :) Here’s my list for the weekend:

checklist simplify 101Fun

  • Boot camp. (Goal #8) Check! Yikes, am I ever sore!
  • Run 4 miles. (Goals #1 and #8) Check!
  • Project Life. Make progress. (Goal #3) Check!


  • Paint chairs. Again. Weather permitting. (Goal #7) Nope. The weather was great and I just couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to get everything set up again to paint. But…I did buy more paint, so I’m one step closer. :)
  • List more stuff for sale and / or list things in different places. I tried a local Facebook group last weekend and sold one of two items listed. So, I may put some more stuff on Facebook and then move the one item that didn’t sell to another site (probably eBay.) (Goal #7. Clearing out the clutter refreshes the home.) Check! Listed two items. 
  • Order samples for blinds. (Goal #7) Check!
  • Shop for a mirror. (Goal #7) Check! We have a plan. 
  • Shop for back-to-school supplies. Check!
  • Laundry. Check! 
  • Meal plan + grocery shop. Check!
  • Add-on project…get some plants for the front yard. We had a tree blow over in a storm earlier this summer. It was a pine tree so it left a huge hole in our landscape. So….new plants were needed. It’s cool enough this weekend to get them into the ground. Hooray! Another check for the freshening up the home goal. 
Hope you had a great weekend! Looking forward to hearing about your progress in the comments. :)

Hope you have a terrific weekend!


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