…and it’s time to get ourselves organized for a weekend of having fun and getting things done! How was your week? Mine was okay. I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the enormity of my to-do list. I’m feeling much better today after clearing the decks a bit last night. I reorganized my office, just a smidge, which always makes me feel better. What do people who don’t love to organize do to relieve stress and overwhelmed feelings? These are the things I ponder in my free time… Anyway, it’s Friday now, my office is neat and tidy, and I’m feeling motivated to get some stuff done. Here are my weekend plans.

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  • Run 4 miles. I’ve already run six miles this week…so just four more to go. (Goal #1) Check!
  • Boot camp. Check!
  • Knit. Check!
  • Do some creative projects. I have a bunch of stuff I’d like to do this weekend, including making some new, fun labels for my laundry room. Nope. :(
  • Project Life. Complete pages for weeks 5 and 6. (Goal #3) Progress made.


  • Order photos. (Goal #3 – Project Life.) Check. This took longer than expected as I sorted through and edited a bunch of 2012 photos. (I may be feeling a new goal coming on…)
  • Fill out summer school forms. I cannot believe it, but I have a kiddo that will be going to High School next year! How did that happen? Check. Heading over to turn in the forms and the check shortly. Wow!
  • Work on my new workshop. Originally when I set out to do 13 Goals in 2013 I was planning to make all 13 goals personal and not business goals. But…as I work on putting the finishing touches on The FUNdamentals of Getting Organized, I have realized that big simplify 101 projects like these spill into my personal time, in a big way. I don’t mind it really, but this is the time when I would be working on other goals. I’ve decided that it’s only fair that these business goals “count” toward my 13 goals in 2013. They are a really big part of my life and in so many ways they are central to my happiness (my word for 2013.) And so…there you have Goal #4. Okay…I did other business work that needed to get done due to the time that went into the workshop last week. So…I’m declaring a check. ;)
  • Laundry. Check!
  • Meal Plan and Grocery Shop. Check!
We also had dinner out as a family (fun) and took Kailea to spar in a Taekwondo black belt test (a classmate’s test, not hers), and had dinner with Jay’s family (which meant I got to see my two great nieces – yay.) It was a fun and busy weekend…I even worked in a short nap. Hope you had a great weekend, too. Thanks for joining me!

What are your plans for the weekend? Remember, if you’re participating in 13 in 2013, too, the weekend is a great time to check in on your goals and make plans to make progress! I’d love to hear your plans for the weekend as well as how you’re doing on your goals! Have a great weekend.
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P.S. I haven’t forgotten about post #3 on getting organized for Project Life. It is still very much a part of the enormous to-do list I referenced earlier. ;)

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