With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, it’s a great time to spread some love in your home’s direction! Did you know that when you shower your home with love, it will return the favor, by making you feel honored, respected, and loved, too? Here are some simple ways to show your home the love it—and you!—deserve.

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Free Ideas

  • Declutter the flat surfaces. Put items back where they belong, and remove anything from your home that you no longer use, need, or love. Notice your reaction to items and let go of anything that doesn’t make you feel good.
  • Bring treasured mementos out of storage. Rearrange your decor to place items you truly love in prominent places. 
  • Burn scented candles. You’ll fill your room with a warming glow and an uplifting scent.

Low-Cost Ideas

  • Freshen up. Give the room you spend the most time with a coat of paint.
  • Use fresh or everlasting flowers. Forego roses this Valentine’s Day, and instead, buy less expensive floral arrangements to display in recycled glass bottles throughout your home. 
  • Purchase new pillow covers. These will give you a quick and affordable spruce-up for your couch or bed.

Reading this tip won’t change how you feel about your home, but action will! Pick just one item from the list, and then shower a little bit of love on your home. Then, see how great it makes you feel.

How do you put a little love into your home?

Happy Valentine’s Day (and Happy Organizing!)
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