Hello friends. Happy Friday to you! I hope yours was a wonderful week. Around here…it was busy with workshops. Goals started yesterday – hooray! It’s About Time is in full swing. And we are making lots of progress on The Secrets of Staying Organized. Fun stuff. So…now it’s time to think about the weekend ahead…and get some things done on the home-front. Here’s what’s on tap for me:

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  • Boot camp or Run in a 10K. I’m so on the fence about the 10K. It’s supposed to be cool in the morning, but humid. Hey…I think I just figured it out. I’ll probably be outside in the humidity at boot camp anyway…so what not just do the 10K? Hmmm… I will let you know on Monday what I decide. Check! The 10K won. It was my first-official 10K race…and I’m so glad I did it!  
  • Trip to the mall. Check! 


  • Minor decluttering. We have a Red Cross pickup tomorrow morning…so it’s time to weed out some dressers and closets, and empty out the donate bin. Check! 
  • Fill out running forms. Check!
  • Print school registration forms. Not yet…but registration isn’t until July…so I have plenty of time still. 
  • Thank you notes. Check!
  • Edit photos. I did work on this a bit during the week. :) Yay. Check. Good progress was made. Still more to go until I’m printing and caught up, but I feel like I’m gaining momentum here. 
  • Laundry. Check!
  • Meal Plan + Grocery shop. Check!
Hope you had a great weekend, too! And here’s to a fun and productive week. See you back here on Friday. :)

(Hmmm…is it Groundhog Day? This list looks very similar to last weekend’s list.)

What’s on your radar screen this weekend? Hope you have a great one!
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