Happy Friday!

posted by Aby Garvey on June 7, 2013 5 Comments

Hello friends. Happy Friday to you! I hope yours was a wonderful week. Around here…it was busy with workshops. Goals started yesterday – hooray! It’s About Time is in full swing. And we are making lots of progress on The Secrets of Staying Organized. Fun stuff. So…now it’s time to think about the weekend ahead…and get some things done on the home-front. Here’s what’s on tap for me:

checklist simplify 101Fun

  • Boot camp or Run in a 10K. I’m so on the fence about the 10K. It’s supposed to be cool in the morning, but humid. Hey…I think I just figured it out. I’ll probably be outside in the humidity at boot camp anyway…so what not just do the 10K? Hmmm… I will let you know on Monday what I decide. Check! The 10K won. It was my first-official 10K race…and I’m so glad I did it!  
  • Trip to the mall. Check! 


  • Minor decluttering. We have a Red Cross pickup tomorrow morning…so it’s time to weed out some dressers and closets, and empty out the donate bin. Check! 
  • Fill out running forms. Check!
  • Print school registration forms. Not yet…but registration isn’t until July…so I have plenty of time still. 
  • Thank you notes. Check!
  • Edit photos. I did work on this a bit during the week. :) Yay. Check. Good progress was made. Still more to go until I’m printing and caught up, but I feel like I’m gaining momentum here. 
  • Laundry. Check!
  • Meal Plan + Grocery shop. Check!
Hope you had a great weekend, too! And here’s to a fun and productive week. See you back here on Friday. :)

(Hmmm…is it Groundhog Day? This list looks very similar to last weekend’s list.)

What’s on your radar screen this weekend? Hope you have a great one!
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  • June 7, 2013 at 11:39 am

    -scrapbook night with friends
    -date night with friends
    -birthday party
    -project life
    Saturday is going to be very busy!

    -work on 101 dreams list for goals class (hooray for this class!)
    -choir visit housing notification
    -try feedly & bloglovin
    -budget check in
    -buy Luci an alarm clock so she stops getting up at 6am!

    Our busy season begins today. I seem to do well when I have a lot going on. So excited you’re making good projects on the secrets class – I am REALLY looking forward to that! :) But I’m so glad Goals started, I am forcing myself to really read the info again and it’s interesting how different stuff is hitting me now that I’m in a different place in my life.

    Have a great weekend! Hopefully storms won’t derail your plans (which is probably why you’re feeling groundhog day ish?)

    June 7, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    Yes…lots of carryover from my list because of last weekend’s storms. It doesn’t look like there’s anything severe in the forecast this weekend. Whew! :) Hope you have a great weekend. Sounds like you have lots of fun stuff planned!
    ~ Aby

    June 10, 2013 at 7:25 am

    Congrats on your 10K and on gaining traction on Project Life!
    Here’s my check in:
    -scrapbook night with friends CHECK
    -date night with friends CHECK
    -birthday party CHECK
    -project life 1/2 Check – printed photos, plan to put together the past two weeks sometimes this week.
    Saturday is going to be very busy! And it was!

    -work on 101 dreams list for goals class (hooray for this class!) NO
    -declutter NO
    -choir visit housing notification NO
    -try feedly & bloglovin NO
    -budget check in CHECK
    -buy Luci an alarm clock so she stops getting up at 6am! CHECK & it worked!

    • June 7, 2013 at 9:56 pm

      Happy Friday! We’ve had a busy week that was capped with carnival at my youngest’s school tonight. We manned the cake walk for 3+ hours and I am pooped. Not sure if it was all of the talking or standing or both! It was fun but I’m glad to be sitting now. ;)


      *Change bed linens
      *Vacuum – upstairs + down
      *Clean kitchen
      *Make quiche for PTA board breakfast on Monday
      *Update calendar with end of school year events
      *Finish my book – hoping if I put it here it will get done :)
      *Meal plan, grocery list + shopping done
      *Scrub my kitchen floor – it is in serious need of TLC :(


      *Relax – enjoy our first non-sports weekend in months :)
      *Family dinner out
      *Spend some time outside in the sunshine
      *Help my daughter think of birthday party ideas. We need to get her July bday party in the works….

      • June 8, 2013 at 12:20 am

        Grocery Shop/Errands
        Mail package

        Scrapbook (PL-style)
        Write? (Maybe. We’ll see how it goes)
        SLEEP (as of this very moment… that’s the ONLY thing I want to do this weekend!)
        Family Day (at my sister’s work)

        I’m really low on energy right now, so I’m keeping things low-key for this weekend… Both in the fun and done category.