Happy Friday my friends! With the holiday yesterday, I’m not sure what today feels like. It feels a bit like Monday, since it’s a work day around here, but it also feels like Friday. I like that. :) Let’s stick with the Friday feeling.

Yesterday was like a bonus Saturday for me. We didn’t have much planned…so I slept in, went for a run, and then puttered. Puttering involved cleaning the grout in the kitchen eating area. Fun, right? Not really. But, necessary.

I found a pin on Pinterest about using carpet cleaner to clean grout. The results were very compelling in the photo. In my world, a bit less compelling, but it does look better. So I will carry on with the rest of the kitchen this weekend, though I may try a different grout cleaning concoction…since the carpet cleaner was a bit strong scented. So…that will be number one on my to-do list this weekend. Here’s the complete list:

checklist simplify 101Done

  • Finish cleaning grout. Check!
  • Make progress on painting chairs. Check! I am nearly finished priming them, and I got the final top coat paint. I also cleaned up the chrome legs. So lots of progress this weekend! Fun. It was too hot to paint yesterday though…hoping it cools down as planned later this week, so I can finish this project!    
  • Meal plan + grocery shop. Check!
  • House projects. I have a list. Hoping to create quite a few check marks this weekend. Wish me luck. :) Check! A few projects got a check mark including getting new towels and a bath mat, decluttering the laundry room and magnetic chalk boards in the kitchen, and organizing the freezer.  
  • Laundry. Check! 

By the way, I made some more progress on my carpet cleaning this week, and the mattress is gone. (Just in case you were sitting on the edge of your seat wondering about these two exciting projects. ;) )  


  • Bootcamp. I’ve decided to start going to bootcamp again in preparation for my half-marathon training that will start next month. Preparing to be sore…it has been a long time since I have gone! Check! 
I’m sure some more fun will wiggle it’s way into my weekend, but the house project list is priority one. We did have some time for fun…a nice, relaxing dinner with my family last night. 
What’s on your to-do list this weekend? Thanks for sharing in the comments. Have a great weekend!
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