Woohoo! I’m really happy that it is Friday. Around here it’s quite snowy—which I love. The kids are off school today for the second day this week, so its feeling like it’s going to be a “stay inside, relax, and get a few things done” kind of weekend.  This weekend I’m going to keep my list quite short so I can focus my energy on finishing up my office paper organizing project, and so I can set myself up for success. So here’s what’s on my lists this weekend:

Play List

    • Read
    • Relax with my family
    • Organize / decorate another binder. (Fun part of office / paper project.)
    • Boot Camp. My muscles are finally not sore. (I know—it took almost a week for the pain to go away.) And now it’s time to go back for a second round of punishment, er, I mean fun! ;) Wish me luck. This time will be even more challenging since I now know what I’m getting myself into.

To do list To Finish

  • Laundry.
  • Office paper project.

Before I say goodbye for the weekend, I want to talk about laundry a bit. I know that laundry is a source of frustration for many of my in-home organizing and coaching clients, as well as for many people who take my online workshops. One of the reasons that you see laundry on my list every week is because I make it a point to get completely caught up on laundry every single weekend. And this works really well for me. Here’s why. First, it means that laundry never piles up. There is never more than one week’s worth of laundry to do at a time…so laundry never gets overwhelming. Second, it allows me to give myself a check mark—and I find check marks very motivating. When that last load of the week is dry, folded, and put away, there’s a sense of accomplishment. The laundry is done! Sure, within minutes somewhere in the house a hamper has another pair of socks added to it…but for that brief moment in time, laundry really was finished and I got my check mark. Ahh….  :)

Okay…that’s all I’ve got for laundry chat today.  So now…it’s on to your to-do lists! Please share your plans in the comments, and then check back here on Monday to let us know how things went. If you’ve never tried Finish It Friday before, give it a try this weekend! Tap into the power of accountability…and see how it works for you. I hope you have a terrific weekend.

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