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Happy Friday! It’s that time again—time to organize our plans for the weekend ahead! I’m going to share what I know for sure at this point…and then, I might add some things later. It’s been a really full week…and I haven’t had much time to think about the weekend yet. But, I wanted to get the thread set up so you can share your weekend plans. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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  • Run 6-1/2 miles. This will bring me to ten for the week…which means I’ll still be two behind from last week. So I’ll see if I can do even more. Wish me luck! (Goal #1: Run 500 miles in 2013.) Update:  4 miles done so far!
  • Project Life. Download and print photos for the last two weeks. (Goal #3.) I downloaded and edited the photos, and uploaded them for printing. I want to add some other photos from 2012 before I complete my order. I’m calling it a check. ;)
  • Knit. Check!
  • Dinner out with Jay. We are going to our favorite restaurant for a late Valentine’s Day celebration. Looking forward to it! Check!


  • simplify 101 project. I’ll be working on my new workshop, The FUNdamentals of Getting Organized, some more this weekend. I’m excited to see it coming together and hope to have it ready for enrollment very soon! Hooray! Check! Almost ready to open for enrollment. 
  • Meal plan and grocery shop. Check! (Thanks to Jay for shopping.)
  • Laundry. Check!
  • Mop. I’m oddly excited about the new mop head I picked up at the Container Store yesterday. Yes, I went to my version of the “candy store” on Valentine’s Day. (Very apropos, wouldn’t you say?) Check – though the new mop headed didn’t fit on the old mop. Grrr…
  • Hand-wash two shirts. Check!

Alright…that’s it so far. I’m sure I’ll add more as the weekend progresses. What’s on your to-do list this weekend? Please share your to-do list in the comments and remember to share your progress in the comments of this thread.

Have a great weekend! 

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