At long last … a fun little project. Doesn’t have too much to do with organizing (unless you have a slightly disorganized tooth fairy in your neighborhood and need to keep evidence of the teeth out in the open so the fairy will be sure to stop by …)


It’s a tooth fairy pillow with a little pocket for tucking the teeth and money inside. But first … a story.

My son has been dying to learn how to sew. So last night, while Jay and Kailea went to a Father-Daughter dance, Collin and I stayed home and sewed. He wanted to make a shirt for our lab Maggie. Realizing that Maggie would not appreciate our efforts, I had a two-step plan for our project. First, we sewed the “shirt” … a fabric tube that we slid onto her via her back legs. The tube just wrapped loosely around her stomach. Here’s a really bad picture of our “shirt” and Maggie’s predictable reaction to it.


Step 2 of my plan … turn the tube into a pillow cover. I just happened to have an extra pillow insert so we stuffed the insert inside the tube formerly known as Maggie’s “shirt”, sewed the open ends closed, and voila! Collin made his first pillow.

Having a new found love for sewing pillows … Collin made me a pillow for my new space.


So happy, isn’t it? I sewed the bottom edge and cut the fabric and pressed the seams but he did the actual sewing. (He was very disappointed to learn that sewing involves ironing … so I did that part.)

Today Kailea wanted to learn how to sew, too, and Collin was eager to make something else. I thought it’d be fun to make something that doesn’t require pressing seams (remembering I would be the designated seam-presser) so I came up with this tooth fairy pillow idea. Super simple project made using left over fleece and a button from my scrapbook stash.

Hope you enjoy and if you make one … I’d love to see a picture!

Have a great week!

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