I received the DYMO labeler and compensation in exchange for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Earlier this fall DYMO sent me not one, but two labelers to try. (Happy day, right?) The second one, the DYMO Organizer Xpress Embossing Hand-Held Label Maker (12965) is super cute and affordable. It’s a terrific choice if you aren’t sure about how far you want to go with this labeling thing or if you want to give your organizing projects a retro feel. This old-style labeler uses embossing to make the labels, much like the labeler my dad used when I was a kid. Love that!

DYMO Organizer Xpress Labeler

DYMO Organizer Xpress Embossing Hand-Held Label Maker (12965)

Even though it’s called the Organizer Xpress, this labeler is equally at home in the craft room. Picture a scrapbook with Polaroid style prints and old-style DYMO labels. Too cute, right?

I decided to give this baby a test drive in my laundry room.  During a recent simplify 101 online event, I reorganized this space and used temporary labels. I decided it was time to go for something a bit more fun, and a bit more permanent. Inspired by an idea I saw on Instagram, I stopped by Home Depot and picked up some paint chips. Then, I grabbed my DYMO Organizer Xpress, some twine, a paper trimmer and a hole-punch and went to town.

DYMO Labeler and Paint Samples

First, I trimmed the paint chips down to a single shade of yellow. Then, I created a label for the cleaning supplies we store in our laundry room. I have them organized by bathroom (master bath, hall bath) and then there’s another bucket for deep cleaning supplies. Once I made the labels with the Organizer Xpress, I simply attached them to the cut-to-size paint chip.

Retro Label Made with DYMO Organizer Xpress

Once the labels were made, I punched a hole at the top and tied them onto the green buckets of cleaning supplies.

DYMO Organizer Xpress Label Deep Cleaning

The result that is a retro-inspired label that adds a fun pop of color. Who knows, maybe cleaning will be a notch more fun now, too. (One can only hope, right?)

DYMO Xpress Labels

If you’re looking for some ideas to add to your holiday wish list, the DYMO Organizer Xpress or the DYMO Label Manager 160 are terrific options. If you’re like me, you’ll definitely have the itch to organize come January, so why not have a new toy in your organizing tool kit. It will make January all the more fun!

Happy organizing,


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