I got an email from Emily asking about ideas for do-it-yourself Christmas presents.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Here’s the email.

“My husband and I are newly married, just out of college, and pinching pennies to put him through med school.  Christmas is going to be tight this year, so I’m hoping to save some money by making all of my Christmas presents.  I’m rather crafty, but have already used most of the general do-it-yourself ideas for past Christmas presents (crocheting scarves, baking cookies, sewing quilts, etc.)  I was wondering if you had any new and unique ideas for homemade Christmas presents.”

Here are some ideas I came up with:

Do you like to cook? If so, how about sharing your favorite recipes with loved ones? Type up your favorite recipes on your computer and print them out on colorful card stock. Then, laminate the recipes, punch a hole in one corner and attach the collection together using a binder ring. Tie a ribbon around the ring to complete the festive look!

I love cookie mixes in a jar! Even if you’ve done this before, it makes a great gift — especially for a busy person who wants to bake but has difficulty finding the time. Cookie mixes are great because they’re super cute and you’ve taken the messy steps out of baking. Tie the jar with raffia and include a recipe card so they can make their own after the holidays and have an ongoing reminder of your yummy gift. Consider giving your cookie mixes in the weeks before Christmas as an early and delightful surprise — and to allow the recipient time to enjoy the fresh baked cookies over the holidays. (I got a mix as a gift last year and I just loved it!)

How about a coupon book? You could put together a coupon book redeemable for services you’ll provide your friends and family. Consider offering a coupon for dinner in — you cook and clean, your friends just sit back, relax and enjoy the meal. You could provide coupons for baby sitting, errand running, or even car washing … you name it! How about offering one coupon per month — and provide seasonally related services. Dinner for two redeemable in February. Car washes in July. Errand running in November. This would make your gift linger on even after the holidays are over. This is another fab gift for a busy person who could use a helping hand.

You could also decorate flower pots with paint and include herb seed packs (or start the plants yourself.) Include a favorite recipe using the herb you give. This makes a fun and fresh winter gift!

Ali’s ezine had another super fun idea that would make a great gift! (Plus, it’s a great and inspiring read, so check it out!)

How about you? Have you given (or received) any super fun hand-made Christmas gifts? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Have a great day!

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