How’s everyone doing on their Check-It-Off Challenge? I hope yours is going as well for you as mine is for me!

I wanted to share a quick update AND provide a place (and motivation!) for you to share your updates.

But first, I have a little secret to tell. I started my challenge a few weeks before posting the original blog post. I wanted to test drive the idea ahead of time to make sure it really motivated me as I hoped it would. I have just a few days left in my challenge, and guess what? It has really worked for me!

Here’s a quick look at my list and what I’ve accomplished so far:


Somehow just knowing I would be reporting my progress out here on the blog, even if not immediately, really helped me push through the discomfort of some of these tasks.

I found myself incredibly motivated to check stuff off the list, even big tasks that took hours (okay, maybe a whole day!) to complete. A great example was culling through my emails and unsubscribing from the many, many lists that PR Companies have added me to, as well as lists that no longer are relevant to me and my life. It was a slow, painful process, with a huge reward at the end! I literally went from thousands of emails in my Gmail promotions tab down to less than 100! OMG, that felt so good!

I also found myself pushing through tasks I would normally delay finishing. For example, the other night I was at Home Goods to buy our new puppy a bed. I remembered that in order to complete my “frame pictures” task, I needed to pick up some picture frames. As I was looking at the frames I was having trouble deciding on the perfect frames, so I was tempted to leave the store empty-handed and think about it for a while.

But, I knew my Check-It-Off Challenge deadline was quickly approaching and I wouldn’t have time to get back to Home Goods before I was out of time. So, I picked out four frames and headed to the checkout lane knowing I had just earned myself another “Check-It-Off Challenge” checkmark. Woohoo!

This weekend is my final push. I may swap a couple of tasks on my original list for tasks that have become more important and urgent in the last few weeks. For example, “get passport” is on my list. I have overcome the resistance to that task simply by figuring out what’s involved. (The Challenge served its purpose.) But without an international trip pending, I really need to prioritize some other tasks ahead of finishing up this one. (Tuck this idea in your back pocket if you find the need to re-prioritize your list as your 30 days go by.)

So there you have it, my Check-It-Off Challenge update. How’s yours going? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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