About Our Workshop Options


Our self-paced workshops allow you to get started anytime it’s convenient for you, and work at your own pace. Unless otherwise noted, lesson materials are delivered via a single pdf that you can download immediately after making your purchase. Here are more specifics.

  • Delivery method:  Instant download pdf file. Immediately following your purchase, you will be directed to a link where you can download and save your workshop materials which are put together into a single, colorful pdf document. If you ever misplace your lesson materials, you can download them again by logging into the simplify 101 shopping cart.
  • Lesson materials:  Self-paced workshops include written lesson materials only, delivered as a single pdf file. Worksheets, checklists and forms are included (see the individual workshop pages for specifics), allowing you to easily take action on the materials and easily apply the concepts to your home and life.
  • Pace:  Because the entire workshop is delivered to you immediately following your purchase, you can pick the pace that is just right for you.
  • Bonus items:  A complete list of the bonus items that are available for the self-paced workshop is included in the workshop options list. Typically, self-paced workshops included fewer bonus items than expert-guided workshops.
  • Start:  Self-paced workshops allow you to start anytime you want, day or night! So if you’re ready to get going, you can start now!
  • Price:  Your investment in the program, or in yourself, however you want to look at it. :)


Our expert-guided workshops give you the same core lesson materials as our self-paced workshops, with lots of extra goodies built in to ensure your success. Here’s how our expert-guided, online workshops work…

  • Delivery method:  Lesson materials for our expert-guided online workshops are delivered via a private area of the simplify 101 website. Before your first workshop, you will need to create a workshop account. These log in credentials will give you access to your lesson materials and the other online workshop features.
  • Lesson materials:  With expert-guided workshops, lesson materials are delivered in three ways:

1. Written materials / pdf download. You can save this colorful pdf document to your computer, e-reader or print out a copy to read at your leisure. Lesson worksheets are also delivered as pdfs.

2.  Written materials / online web pages. Expert-guided online workshops also include lesson materials delivered via online webpages for easy reading on your e-device and easy access to the online community. With online web pages, you can access your workshop anywhere you have access to the internet.

3. Audio files. Expert-guided workshops also include access to audio files that you can listen to online or download to your audio player. Workshop participants love the lesson audios for reinforcing workshop concepts and to read along as you listen.

  • Pace:  Lesson materials are delivered weekly. See the workshop syllabus for specific lesson release dates.
  • Dynamic checklist:  Within the private workshop, you will be provided with a list of suggested tasks to complete during the workshop. As you complete each task, simply check it as complete and the status of your specific list will be remembered by the system for your next visit. Use your checklist to stay organized during your workshop.
  • Online resources:  Depending on the workshop, online resources consist of web pages with links to articles, products, and other resources that will help you reinforce and take action on the lesson content.
  • Online web pages:  See #2 above.
  • Try the first lesson risk-free:  Our expert-guided online workshops give you the opportunity to try the first lesson completely risk-free. Simply sign up for the full workshop and give the first lesson a try. If you decide the workshop isn’t  right for you, simply contact us before the cancellation date listed on the workshop enrollment page and we will issue you a full refund.
  • Expert access:  Expert-guided workshops include access to your workshop instructor for questions and answers. This means, any time you get stuck, need clarification, or need help applying the lesson concepts to your unique situation, help is just a few clicks away. You can ask questions via the online workshop forum. Instructors are typically available to answer questions Monday through Friday during the instructor participation period. Check your workshop syllabus to see instructor participation dates for your workshop session.
  • Access to private online forum:  At simplify 101 we believe everything is more fun with a friend along for the ride. Our private online forum is just that—a whole bunch of online friends who are going through the workshop at the same time as you. Our workshop community is friendly and supportive, and will give you that extra incentive to get your projects done.
  • Syllabus:  Download a copy of this document to record on your calendar important workshop dates such as open date, close date, lesson release dates, and instructor participation period.
  • Start:  The start date is the date the first lesson is released. Please note that it is not necessary to be online at any specific time during the workshop. Once lesson materials are released, they are available to you online through the workshop close date. This makes it easy to fit our workshops into your schedule.
  • Price:  Your investment in the program, or in yourself, however you want to look at it. :)
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