How our Expert-Guided Online Workshops Work

If you’ve never taken an online course before, you may be wondering how it works. Here’s a quick overview.

1) Access your lessons via a private area on the simplify 101 website.

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You get your lesson materials by logging into a private area of the simplify 101 website. You can read your lessons online, or download and save the pdf files to read at your leisure. If you learn best by hearing ideas, you’ll love our audio lessons. You can listen and learn while you’re online or on download the audio files and listen on the go.

2) Read and / or listen to the lesson materials.

Our workshops are written in a friendly, approachable style, with a focus on helping you discover—and put into action—the best organizing solutions for you. What to see an example? Here’s a sample of the first lesson of our popular “Organize Your Paper Clutter” online course.

You don’t need to be at your computer at any particular time. Instead read (or listen) when it’s convenient for you.

3) Take action following the clear-cut plans presented in the lessons.

Our classes are motivating and action-oriented! The weekly lessons include clear-cut action steps, worksheets, forms and checklist that make it simple to get up and create the organizing change you crave. Daily check-in posts in the forum keep you on track and constantly moving forward on your organizing journey.

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4) Get quick answers from your instructor.

Our expert-guided online workshops include access to your expert instructor. This means if you get stuck at any point in the process, you won’t stay stuck for long. Simply log in to the online forum and post your question. Your instructor is available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, and is committed to making sure you have the information and ideas you need to move forward and finish your projects.

5) Share your journey with our global community.

When you set out to create meaningful change in your life, it’s motivating to know you’re not alone. Our community is friendly and supportive, and many students have become close friends with their fellow workshop participants.

About Our Self-Paced Workshops

Our self-paced workshops allow you to get started today. When you purchase a self-paced workshop, you will be able to download all of the written lesson materials as well as worksheets, forms or checklists immediately after you purchase. The self-paced format allows you to work at your own pace and get started right away!

Get Started Today!

We have many workshops to choose from, all with outstanding, action-oriented lessons. Each class stands on its own, so you can start your organizing journey with the class of your choice. See full workshop catalog here.

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