Get Organized for the Holidays (Holiday Planning) eBook from simplify101.comIn the Get Organized for the Holidays eBook, we’ll be putting together a customized holiday plan. Part of this entails an optional project where you can create a holiday planning binder to hold your plan. Two projects are shared. The first project uses a russell + hazel® signature binder and handmade binder tabs. A second project is also shown using a standard, office supply store vinyl binder, which is a bit less expensive and a bit less time consuming to put together. All the forms and worksheets to fill up your binder and create your plan are included with the eBook.

The supply list below shows the products I used for my holiday binder, so you can get a feel for the additional investment for the binder project. If you have scrapbook supplies and tools on hand, I encourage you to use products from your stash!

Supplies and tools for binder project

  • Foam brush.
  • Paper cutter.
  • Tab punch such as McGill’s file tab 3” punch.
  • Scissors.
  • Three-hole punch or standard office supply punch.
  • One three-ring binder.
  • Two sheets 12 x 12 scrapbook paper or cardstock.
  • Small, black alphabet rub-ons.
  • Six assorted Tilez (such as Junkitz, Love Line Tilez by Teresa Collins) or other embellishments.
  • Ribbon.
  • Five index file folders.
  • All purpose craft glue.
  • Craft glue stick.
  • Glue runner.
  • Decoupage medium.
  • Sheet protectors (optional).

Supplies for alternate binder project

  • Vinyl three-ring binder with extra-wide extended cover.
  • Three sheets of holiday inspired scrapbook paper.
  • Rub-on letters.
  • Three-hole punch or standard office supply punch.
  • Paper cutter.
  • Sheet protectors (optional).
  • Binder tabs.