Stop waiting. Make someday be today.

Today’s post is a throw-back-Thursday. It’s a post I wrote over a year ago, but feels very fitting for this time of year. We’re almost a week into the New Year which often means our enthusiasm for New Year’s resolutions and goals is starting to fade. If you’re feeling this way, give this tip a read. Don’t give up on your resolutions…they’re something you really want. So keep moving forward one step at a time. 

This past weekend I got together with some friends for wine, food, and best of all, conversation. Over the course of the evening I learned that one of my friends has a dream to write a book. There is a book living inside of her that has been trying to get out for nearly nine years.

I asked my friend if she thought that book would be out of her now if she had spent just a little bit of time on it each week over the course of the past nine years. Her answer was yes. And so I encouraged her to stake a claim to a small slice of time everyday or even every week, whatever she could work into her schedule, and get started on that book now. (I personally can’t wait to read her book!)

This conversation got me thinking. I know that my friend is not alone. So many of us have dreams that are stuck inside of us…dreams we are going to get around to pursing someday. Do you? Do you find yourself saying someday I’ll write that book. Someday I’ll leave this job I don’t love and start my own business. Someday I’ll go on a dream vacation to Europe. Someday… I’ll start living the life I’ve dreamed of.

What if someday was today?

I’d like to encourage you to stop waiting. Make someday today and start pursuing your dream regardless of what’s holding you back. Stake a claim to a small slice of time every day or every week, and use it to take small steps in the direction of your dream. Yep, someday can be today, so why not make it so?

What’s your dream? Are you inspired to start today? Tell me about it in the comments below. (Simply posting your dream below is a terrific first step, by the way!)


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