simplify 101 is a professional organizing business that offers in-home services, organizing coaching, and online classes. The primary purpose of this website and our blog is to market our organizing services and online classes. We are of course compensated for these services and classes.

While much of the information outside of our online class system is provided for free, there are times when we are compensated. Our compensation, whether it be from the sale of our services, classes, or affiliate programs, is what allows us to invest the time in providing all of the free content on our site. We participate in affiliate marketing programs where we receive a commission when products are purchased through links on our blog, website, and in our newsletters. Our policy is to use affiliate marketing links for products we believe in either because we use them, or genuinely like them and are therefore comfortable recommending them to others. We may also be compensated when we write reviews for a product or service or for other ads / offers that we provide throughout the site. As a result, please assume that anything we do may potentially be biased. If you have any questions please contact us.