Organizing with Your Kids (Instant Download) Class

organizing with kidsTeam up against clutter + create results you both love.

If you’re overwhelmed by your kids’ clutter or you’re just tired of dealing with it, you’re not alone. Even if you’re fairly organized, it’s always a different ball game when you’re organizing for someone else—and when it’s your own child, the stakes are even higher. I find that parents often judge themselves based on the results of their children.

I’m professional organizer Aby Garvey and I’ve been overwhelmed by my kids’ clutter, too. Right after becoming an organizer, I realized some of the spaces in my home didn’t look like they belonged in the home of a professional organizer. My daughter’s bedroom was right at the top of that list! She was a four year old who loved her stuff, and I mean all of it! Plus, the stuff was coming in—from birthday parties, Christmas, grandparents—faster than we could keep up. This, coupled with my daughter’s sentimental side, made it difficult to keep her room clutter free…which made me doubt myself as an organizer and as a parent.

Fast forward eight years and I have learned a lot about how to organize with kids! Even more important, my kids have learned a lot! In fact, my son has been known to organize his closet without me even asking. (All those years of going through his stuff together and involving him in the process of organizing is paying off!) And my daughter’s room works better and looks much better (most days), too!

Kids can learn how to get organized just as they can learn how to ride a bike or brush their teeth. And you, as their parent, are the best person to teach your child how to do it. With the tips, secrets and strategies presented in this workshop, you’ll learn the process I’ve been using with my kids for years. You’ll leave this workshop armed with a plan and a process to create organized spaces that will work well for you and your kids, and you’ll have some finished projects under your belt, too. You’ll also have strategies and ideas for teaching your child organizing skills and habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

How will you benefit from this workshop?

  • When you teach your kids how to get organized, you give them a gift that lasts a lifetime! Life will be easier for you—and your child.
  • You’ll find out how to involve your child in organizing projects so your child has ownership in the process, loves the results, and is more motivated to keep his or her room organized going forward.
  • Learn an alternative to letting go of your child’s things when they’re not around—one that will establish a sense of mutual trust and respect.
  • Get checklists, worksheets and bite-sized action steps which will make it easier for your and your child to take action and create results you’ll both love!
  • When you organize with your child, you’ll improve your relationship with your child and you’ll both have a tremendous sense of accomplishment.


Delivery method: Instant download PDF file. Includes 3 lessons with over 80 pages of content—including worksheets, checklists and forms. View a sample of the first lesson.

Price: $29

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In Organizing with Your Kids you will…

Lesson 1: Commit, Decide, Declutter!

  • Discover a simple way to get started decluttering with your children even if you’re currently overwhelmed by all their stuff!
  • Adopt four essential agreements with yourself and your child that will improve cooperation and ensure your success when organizing together.
  • Learn a simple technique that will take the frustration out of organizing with your child, even if you aren’t on the same page today.
  • Find out how to get on the same page as your child before you begin organizing projects (and find out why it’s important to do so!).
  • Discover common organizing obstacles you and your child may encounter as you organize together, plus get simple strategies to detour around them. You’ll create organized spaces that work for your child, spaces that reflect and honor his or her interests.
  • Learn a simple decluttering process you and your child can do together to make it easier to let go of items your child no longer uses or loves.
  • Complete an easy-to-follow worksheet that takes the guesswork out of figuring out how much clothing, books, toys and other items your child needs. This process removes guilt and makes it easier for both of you to declutter and set up an organized space.

Lesson 2: Get Into the Zone — Organized + Store

  • Learn how to organize and store your child’s items in a way that makes sense to him—making it easier for your child to use his things (and put them away when he is finished!).
  • Find out how to organize using zones, and discover why this approach makes it easier for your child to keep his spaces organized. 
  • Get an overview of common kid zones and a checklist of items to include in these areas. This takes the guesswork out of setting up organized and easy-to-use spaces for your child.
  • Get a checklist that will help you put together a well-stocked homework zone that will make getting homework done easier for your child.
  • Find out how to stretch storage space so you can carve out kid-friendly homes for your child’s belongings. 
  • I’ll show you how to select storage solutions so your child’s spaces look great and foster your child’s independence. 
  • Create an organizing plan with your child, including a list of projects you’ll be working on together, so you can prioritize your projects and start taking action. This plan will reduce any overwhelmed feelings you may be having right now as you think about organizing with your child.

Lesson 3:  Help Your Child Stay Organized

  • Being organized is a combination of completed projects and new habits. In this lesson you’ll learn about habits that will help your child stay organized. 
  • Find out five simple projects and their associated habits that will help you and your child enjoy the benefits of your organizing projects for much longer. 
  • Discover eight habits that will make staying organized a breeze for you and your child! If you’re worried that your organizing results will unravel before your eyes, you won’t want to miss out on these ideas.

Important Note

For this workshop to be effective for you and your child, it’s important that you still have your child’s ear. In other words, you and your child need to communicate effectively with one another and work together as a team.

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