Organize Your Kitchen Self-Paced Online Video Class

Organize Your Kitchen Online ClassThe kitchen is truly the heart of the home. It’s an activity hub that handles everything from cooking to homework to visiting with family and friends. It is a daily use, multi-tasking space. When it’s organized so it works for you and how you live, you’ll save time and frustration every single day!

How will you benefit from taking this self-paced class?

  • Save money and eat healthier. Because preparing meals is simpler, you’ll eat at home more often!
  • Gain insider access to professional organizing techniques and strategies for a fraction of the cost of working with an organizer one-on-one. 
  • Find out how to organize your kitchen so that you’ll be able to prepare meals in less time!
  • Waste less food because you know what you have and can use it up before it goes bad.
  • Organize your kitchen on your time schedule in small blocks of time. The self-paced format and bite-sized lesson content makes it easy, so it’s the perfect solution if you have a busy schedule
  • Feel good welcoming drop-in guests into your kitchen, instead of feeling your stomach drop when the doorbell rings.

What’s included?

  • simplify 101 money back guaranteeOver 2 hours of how-to videos by instructor Aby Garvey, segmented into short viewing sessions. The format and concise action steps make it easy for you to incorporate the organizing ideas into your kitchen. 
  • Over twenty minutes of bonus video content, along with note pages and worksheets that make it simple to follow along and put the ideas into action
  • 28 pages of easy-to-implement content. Includes note pages, questionnaires, checklists and planning forms delivered as colorful, printable, and editable pdfs. You can add notes to your handouts electronically, creating a customized action plan. 
  • Lifetime access to class materials on our web site. (New!)
  • Clear-cut action steps so you can create results quickly. 
  • Access to simplify 101’s member area for support and accountability. Includes a Frequently Asked Questions area with answers to the most commonly asked organizing questions. Plus, you can share your progress with community members and get support from simplify 101’s community leaders, helping you stay accountable and succeed in class.


  • Delivery method: Self-paced online class. (Start anytime and continue at your own pace.)
  • Materials format:  Video (demonstration style), and written (PDFs of note pages, questionnaires, checklists and planning forms). All materials, including the videos, are downloadable. Use the format(s) that work best for you!
  • Member area access:   6 months of access
  • Access to lesson materials: Lifetime (New!)
  • Price: $37

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What others have said about Organize Your Kitchen:

  • The accomplishment that I felt by completing the project of organizing my kitchen was worth double the price of this class. I feel like my kitchen functions better than it ever has. With the questionnaire, I was able to evaluate what worked and what didn’t – and not much worked. Ha. Through the process of asking those questions, I found myself later asking my own questions – “why does this counter get clutter so easily? What can I do to tweak this area to work better instead of ditching the whole idea?” I felt like I had a personal organizer walking me through the process the whole entire time… Hiring a personal organizer has never been in my budget, but for the first time, I feel like I have hope of an organized life – in my price range!
    ~ Christine from Northeast(ish), TX
  • This workshop really has been life changing. I went from totally disliking my kitchen to loving my kitchen. After following Aby’s steps I was able to create a space that I now love and I really thought I would never say that about my kitchen until it was completely remodeled or we bought a new house!
    ~ Kelly from Fredericksburg, VA
  • Simplify 101’s kitchen class has taken my outdated ready to demolish kitchen and has help me take it to a clean, well organized revived space of which I feel I could live with for years. Remodel can now wait a few.
    ~ Debbie from Rochester, NY

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Sneak Peek Inside Organize Your Kitchen:

My name is Aby Garvey and I’m the founder and co-owner of simplify 101. I am so excited to share with you our VIDEO online class Organize Your Kitchen. As organizing projects go, organizing your kitchen will give you an incredible return on your investment. When your kitchen is organized, it’s easier to eat healthier, save money, save time, entertain friends and family, and more! Here’s a peek inside this on-demand class:

Pre-workshop Assignment: Get Organized to Organize Your Kitchen

This is your chance to get organized for the kitchen class! You’ll get three videos designed to help you carve out time on your calendar for the class and your kitchen organizing project, and help you collect the supplies you’ll need to organize your kitchen.

Lesson: Let the Kitchen Organizing Begin!

The lesson is broken down into simple-to-follow video segments that show professional organizer Aby Garvey organizing her kitchen using the process, tips and techniques she uses in her clients’ kitchens. You can immediately begin creating change in your kitchen. You’ll start with a questionnaire that will help you become clear about the changes you’d like to make in your kitchen.

Then, you’ll watch along as Aby solves her kitchen dilemmas using organizing and storage solutions. Action steps, notes pages and worksheets make it easy to follow along at home and transform your kitchen into an organized, functional and inspiring place to be. You’ll also see Aby’s favorite kitchen storage solutions, as well as shopping tips to help you purchase (or repurpose) storage solutions that will solve your kitchen organizing challenges.

Bonus Videos: Keep a Good Thing Going

  • Bonus video #1: Take a video tour of Aby’s refrigerator and freezer and learn her tips and tools for creating and maintaining order in these essential kitchen storage areas. Get simple ideas to organize your refrigerator and freezer, including how to add storage solutions to make these areas super easy to use. You’ll save time and waste less food when you put these ideas in place in your kitchen.
  • Bonus video #2: Discover how to put an end to paper clutter in your kitchen using simple, time-tested solutions. You’ll eliminate a common source of clutter in the kitchen, making your space more relaxing and easier to use.
  • Bonus video #3: Watch as Aby shares a simple plan that will help you maintain order in your kitchen going forward. Includes bonus worksheets to help you create your own, customized kitchen organizing plan, so you continue to enjoy the ease of cooking, baking and entertaining in a clutter-free space.


Please check out the introduction video from Aby (displayed above). If you can view this video, you’ll be able to view the class content. If you plan to use multiple devices, such as your home computer, smartphone, iPad, etc., please check that you can view the video on all devices.

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Our Guarantee:

We’re very confident our on-demand classes work, so we stand by them. If you are not satisfied with your class, we will give you a full, no-questions-asked refund within 30 days of purchase.

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