Organize Your Paper Clutter Self-Paced Online Class

Organize Your Paper Clutter On-Demand ClassIf you have paper clutter, then stress, tension and worry are a part of your daily life. It’s hard to relax when you have a nagging feeling that something important is being neglected…somewhere in your piles of paper. There is a better way! Solve your paper organizing challenges once and for all with this self-paced, online class. Your piles (and your stress) will be replaced by organizing systems that work for you, along with feelings of confidence, relief and peace of mind. Best yet, because this class is on-demand, you can start today! 

How will you benefit from taking this self-paced class?

  • Understand the root cause of your paper clutter—and what to do about it. This class shows you real world solutions that are easy to set up and use.
  • Set up customized systems that work for you and how you naturally do things. If you’re a piler this class won’t try to turn you into a filer. Instead, you’ll create systems that work with your natural tendencies, and fit into your home.
  • Find out the best ways to organize and store each type of paper in your home, so you can find it again right when you need it.
  • Find out exactly where to start organizing your paper, and get a step-by-step plan to navigate your way through your entire paper backlog. The process is bite-size and focused, so you won’t get overwhelmed.
  • Deal with your most important paper first. You’ll quickly say goodbye to sleepless nights spent worrying about misplaced bills and other documents that have gone missing in the stacks.
  • Find out how to make your systems continue to work for you going forward. This is a simple, but often overlooked step in the organizing process that will help ensure your efforts in this class continue to pay dividends (in the form of clutter-free surfaces) going forward.
  • Organize your paper on your time schedule in small blocks of time. The self-paced format and bite-sized lesson content makes it easy, so it’s perfect if you have a busy schedule!

What’s included?

  • simplify 101 money back guarantee126 pages / 6 lessons of easy-to-implement content. Includes reading materials, questionnaires, checklists and planning forms delivered as colorful, printable, and editable pdfs. You can add notes to your handouts electronically and create a customized action plan without adding to your paper clutter
  • Lifetime access to class materials on our website. (New!)
  • Over one hour of video by Aby Garvey which shows key organizing concepts and share additional insight. Videos are broken into short segments for easy viewing. (New!)
  • Lesson audios in MP3 format. You can listen anywhere, making it easy for class ideas to sink in!
  • Clear-cut action steps so you can create results quickly. 
  • Access to simplify 101’s member area for support and accountability. Includes a Frequently Asked Questions area with answers to the most commonly asked organizing questions. Plus, you can share your progress with community members and get support from simplify 101’s community leaders, helping you stay accountable and succeed in class.


  • Delivery method: Self-paced online class. (Start anytime and continue at your own pace.)
  • Materials format:  Written (PDF and online webpages), video (complements written lessons), and audio (MP3s). All materials are downloadable. Use the format(s) that work best for you!
  • Member area access: 6 months of access
  • Access to lesson materials: Lifetime 
  • Price: $69

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What others have said about Organize Your Paper Clutter:

  • The Paper Clutter class has made a huge difference in my life, and I think it has saved me much more money than the course cost… Having the process so nicely broken down into weekly lessons and assignments kept it from being overwhelming, and the daily check-in really helped my new habits to gel.
    ~ Nancy from Portland, OR
  • I was drowning in paper before taking this class. I read book after book, set up system after system and failed to maintain them each time…Aby’s system is by far the best out there. She takes you step by step through figuring out how to organize your paper FOR YOU.
    ~ DeeCee from Atlanta, GA
  • This class was truly life changing for me. Paper no longer brings me anxiety nor do I dread it. I have systems in place and have developed lifelong habits for handling my paper. I highly recommend this class.
    ~ Kelly from Camp Hill, PA

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Sneak Peek Inside Organize Your Paper Clutter:

My name is Aby Garvey and I’m the founder and co-owner of simplify 101. I created Organize Your Paper Clutter after working with countless clients who struggle with managing the overwhelming amount of paper in their lives, even in this “digital” age! This class contains the processes I use to stay on top of my own paper, and this is the same process I use to set up paper systems for my one-on-one clients. Now, you can get in on these proven ideas for a fraction of the cost of working one-on-one with a professional organizer. Here’s a peek inside each lesson:

Lesson 1: Laying the Foundation

You’ll begin by understanding your current paper situation and get a handy tool to help you pinpoint exactly where all your paper is coming from. Next, you’ll take steps to slow down the flow of paper into your home to ensure ongoing success in keeping paper clutter at bay. This step alone will dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with paper going forward and give you instant feelings of relief.

Lesson 2: The Paper Organizing Process: Collect + Decide

Learn a simple decision-making process to help you easily sort through all of the paper in your home – from the daily mail to your paper backlog. You’ll no longer feel confused or frustrated because you aren’t sure which paper to keep and which to pitch. Plus, you’ll begin managing your daily inflow of paper and digging out of backlog with ease and confidence.

Lesson 3: The Paper Organizing Process: Act + Store

Learn about storage solutions available for storing and organizing paper. You’ll learn how to choose the best solutions—those that will work for you and how you naturally do things, so you can stop wasting money on storage solutions that don’t work for you! You’ll also set up your collection and action systems so that you no longer misplace important papers, creating an immediate sense of control.

Lesson 4: Create Your Reference Systems

The focus of this lesson is on reference paper—paper you want or need to refer to regularly. You’ll learn how to set up a household reference binder and continue to tackle your paper backlog. You’ll get simple ways to organize your most troubling papers such as recipes, receipts and magazine clippings.

Lesson 5: Create Your Archive Systems

This lesson focuses on your archive paper—paper you want or need to hold onto for longer periods of time, but don’t need to access regularly. You’ll learn how to set up your archive systems and get strategies for handling school papers and kids artwork so you can save the precious memories without having your kids’ paper take over your home.

Lesson 6: Use + Maintain Your Systems

We’ll wrap up the class by explaining how to use, tweak, and maintain your systems going forward. Plus, find out how to set up attractive systems. (When you love how it looks, you’ll be more likely to use it!)

Bonus Items

  • Bonus #1: Creative + Fun Ideas for Paper Storage. Find out how to transform your paper organizing solutions from simply functional to supremely fabulous. Includes budget-stretching ideas like step-by-step instructions for creating stylish file folders for a fraction of the cost of store bought folders.
  • Bonus #2: Organize Your Paper Clutter at Work. Discover how to apply proven and effective paper organizing principles to your paperwork at work. Eliminate paper clutter at the office and get your work done efficiently.
  • Bonus #3: How to Create a Home Reference Binder. Learn how to build a completely customizable home reference binder that will save you time, make it simple to find frequently accessed papers, and eliminate a common source of paper clutter in your home.

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Our Guarantee:

We’re very confident our self-paced, online classes work, so we stand by them. If you are not satisfied with your class, we will give you a full, no-questions-asked refund within 30 days of purchase.

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