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organizing 101 online workshop

Learn how to get organized!

Do you want to get more organized…but don’t know where to start? Organizing 101 is the fresh start you crave! In this workshop, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling motivated and empowered to get organized—once and for all! You’ll discover a simple approach to decluttering your home and find out how to organize and store all the things you keep so they’re easy to use and put away. You’ll create a plan to declutter and organize your home so that is comfortable and works great for you and your family. Plus, you’ll have the tools and techniques necessary to put your plan into action!

How will you benefit from this class?

If you’ve read organizing books, but your home is still more cluttered than you’d like it to be, Organizing 101 is for you! With this self-paced workshop, you’ll get a complete system for organizing your home using simple yet effective principles. The information is presented in bite-sized pieces over the course of six lessons, making it easy to digest and take action without feeling overwhelmed. By following the simple steps outlined in the lessons, you won’t just learn how to get organized—you’ll put the ideas into action and create change in your home right away! You’ll also see how to set compelling goals for your organizing projects, and create a plan you can follow to achieve the organized home of your dreams!

When your home is organized you will…

  • Save time and have more time to spend with friends and family doing the things you love to do!
  • Save money because you’ll no longer misplace items and have to buy duplicates or replacements.
  • Eliminate stress and worry.
  • Enjoy your home, family and life even more!

When you’re finished with this workshop, you will have a solid foundation and plan in place for organizing your home.



Delivery method: Instant download PDF file. Includes 6 lessons with over 100 pages of content—including 8 questionnaires, lists, and planning forms. View a sample of the first lesson.

Bonus: Labeling Made Fun. This creative organizing handout shows you how to add creative, finishing touches to your organizing projects. This file is included within the workshop download.

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Here’s what you get with Organizing 101…

Lesson 1: Understanding Your Organizing Roadblocks, you will…

  • Get the inside scoop on 16 common organizing roadblocks, along with concrete, doable strategies for navigating around them.
  • Use the lesson questionnaire and worksheets to discover your own organizing obstacles—those things that are standing between you and the organized home you crave.
  • Create a personalized detour plan to work your way around your organizing obstacles whether these barriers are feeling overwhelmed, lack of time, a limited budget, or something else altogether.
  • Discover why past attempts to get organized haven’t turned out as you hoped, and more importantly, you’ll be equipped with workable solutions to create a different outcome this time.
  • Clarify your organizing comfort zone—that place where your spaces are organized just right for you so they’re comfortable, and easy to use. If there’s anything about the idea of getting organized that makes you nervous or doesn’t appeal to you (like rigidity, loss of spontaneity, etc.) this process will alleviate those concerns.

In Lesson 2: Storage and Containers, you will

  • Find out the important role containers play in helping you get more organized. These ideas will help you select storage that will work great for any organizing project on your to-do list.
  • Understand the difference between storage and organization and discover why this distinction is important to the success of your organizing projects.
  • Get a checklist of things to consider before you select containers. This information takes the guesswork out of container selection, saving you time, money and stress!
  • Find out how to maximize your available storage space using containers and other storage solutions. If you live in a home with limited storage space, you won’t want to miss these ideas.
  • Discover that timing is everything! Find out the best time in the organizing process to purchase containers. (This simple idea will save you time and frustration!)
  • Create a container station and an organizers toolkit using the checklist included in the lesson. These two simple systems will save you time and money when you organize.

In Lesson 3: The simplify 101 Organizing Process, you will…

  • Get an easy-to-follow organizing process, and a colorful summary of the process to refer to while you organize to keep you focused and on-track. This same step-by-step process can be used to organize any room in your home.
  • Complete a small organizing project—a junk drawer, bookcase or small utility closet—so you can start and finish your project quickly, giving you confidence and motivation.
  • Discover how starting with a small project will help you overcome the overwhelmed feelings and inertia you may be facing now as you think about starting on your organizing journey.
  • Find out how to fit organizing into your schedule, even if you’re short on time.
  • Get a Project Roadmap template that makes it simple to think-through your organizing projects before you start so you’re thrilled with the end results.
  • Get simple strategies to help you let go of the items you don’t use, need or love without feeling guilty. By paring down, you also create space and peace of mind.

In Lesson 4: Planning the Rest of Your Journey, you will…

  • Use the lesson questionnaire and a simple process outlined in the lesson to begin the process of creating your own personal organizing plan. Your plan will eliminate overwhelmed feelings and uncertainty about where to begin, allowing you to move forward with organizing your home.
  • Encapsulate your ideas about how your home to look, feel and function into a compelling vision or goal statement. This vision will help you stay motivated on the organizing journey, even if you have gotten stuck in the past.
  • Get ideas to keep your goal statement front and center, so you’re inspired to get into action (and stay there!) until you cross the finish line.

In Lesson 5: Create Your Plan, you will:

  • Put the finishing touches on your organizing plan by creating a prioritized, organizing project list. This plan will serve as your road-map as you continue on your organizing journey, keeping you on track.
  • Get concrete strategies for dealing with overwhelmed feelings, anxiety, and indecision you have about your organizing plan.
  • Find out how to prioritize your projects based on your circumstances, needs and goals. This simple prioritizing system takes the guess work out of where to start and where to go from there!

In Lesson 6: Stay Organized, you will…

  • Overcome any fear or apprehension you may have about spending time getting organized, only to see the results quickly unravel before you. It doesn’t have to be that way! The ideas in this lesson will show you how to maintain order.
  • Develop a personal organizing maintenance plan made up of routine maintenance strategies and scheduled maintenance techniques. Pick the strategies that will work best for you and your natural way of doing things.
  • Find out how to stay ahead of clutter so you can enjoy the benefits of your organized spaces for longer.

You’ll learn everything you need to organize your home—once and for all!

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