The FUNdamentals of Getting Organized Self-Paced Online Class

How to Declutter and Organize Your Home

The FUNdamentals of Getting Organized Online ClassAre you overwhelmed by clutter, but unsure how to organize your home? Have you made past attempts to declutter your house and get organized, only to be disappointed when the results unraveled before your eyes? If you’re ready for a fresh start and a fun approach to organizing your home, this online class is for you. The FUNdamentals of Getting Organized gives you a complete system for organizing your home using simple yet effective principles. By the end of the program, you’ll have finished organizing projects checked off your to-do list. (Yay, endorphin rush!) Plus, you’ll have all the tools you need to organize the rest of your home.

How will you benefit from taking this self-paced class?

This comprehensive program shows you how to organize your home so you can…

  • Save time because your home is arranged efficiently. You’ll get your day to day tasks done more quickly and no longer have to hunt for misplaced items.
  • Have more time to spend with friends and family relaxing and enjoying activities you love to do!
  • Save money because you’ll no longer lose things and have to buy replacements.
  • Eliminate stress and worry.
  • Improve your relationships by alleviating the strain clutter can cause.
  • Feel comfortable welcoming guests into your home.
  • Enjoy your home, family and life even more!

What’s included?

  • 188 pages / 6 lessons of easy-to-implement content. Includes reading materials, questionnaires, checklists and planning forms delivered as colorful, printable, and editable pdfs. You can add notes to your handouts electronically and create a customized action plan without adding to your clutter. 
  • Lifetime access to class materials on our website. (New!)
  • Lesson audios in MP3 format. Listen and learn on the go—in your car, on your commute, at the gym or while cleaning your house. 
  • Clear-cut action steps so you can create results quickly. 
  • Access to simplify 101’s private member area for support and accountability. Includes a Frequently Asked Questions area with answers to the most commonly asked organizing questions. Plus, you can share your progress with community members and get support from simplify 101’s community leaders, helping you stay accountable and succeed in class. (New!)

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  • Delivery method: Self-paced online class. (Start anytime and continue at your own pace.)
  • Materials format: Written (PDF and/or online webpages) and audio (MP3s). All materials are downloadable. Use the format(s) that work best for you!
  • Member area access: 6 months of access
  • Access to lesson materials: Lifetime (New!)
  • Price: $69 

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What others have said about The FUNdamentals of Getting Organized:

  • I went from feeling overwhelmed at how to keep my home clean with a toddler to feeling confident that I’m not only able to keep it clean, but organized, safe and comfortable so that all of us can really feel “at home” and enjoy our time together.
    ~ Heike, Germany
  • This class, along with The Secrets of Staying Organized, is like a Master Class in Organizing. I’ve taken 12 other Simplify101 workshops, where many of these principles are included and applied in detail to the particular focus of each class. This class presents the principles in a way that I could apply them to any organizing project. Aby’s style of teaching is like having your favorite aunt – the gentle and kind, yet wise and savvy one – at your side. If your aunt was also a professional organizer. Good value for the money, to learn how to make your life run more smoothly by taking out what stresses you and slows you down, and bringing in beauty and order – and energy.
    ~ louisemarie – USA
  • I learned a lot about getting rid of even good things if they are cluttering up my life, using what I have, and dealing with all the things that come along in life like friends, relatives, illness, weather, etc. And that we can still always keep moving forward, even though it may be more slowly than we hoped.
    ~ Bonnie-Central Coast of CA, USA
Sneak Peek Inside The FUNdamentals of Getting Organized:

My name is Aby Garvey. I’m the founder and co-owner of simplify 101. I have been a professional organizer since 2004, and have been teaching online organizing workshops at simplify 101 since 2007. Through answering thousands of workshop participant’s and organizing client’s questions, I have developed a unique understanding of the obstacles people face when organizing their own homes. I know what can prevent you from getting started as well as what can stall your progress midstream.

This class distills the techniques I have found work best to motivate people to move past their obstacles and organize their homes, finally enjoying the freedom that comes from living an organized life. Simply stated, this workshop is based on my years of professional experience in helping thousands of customers get organized. Here’s a peek inside each lesson:

Lesson 1: Getting Started on Your Organizing Journey

This lesson lays the foundation for the class by introducing you to the idea that organizing is a journey. You’ll find out how to make progress on your organizing projects in small steps, so you can get organized even if you’re short on time, or are currently feeling overwhelmed. I’ll show you how to pinpoint what is currently working well in your home as well as the improvements you want to make, so you can prioritize your projects and budget. You’ll also put together an organizing toolkit, which will make your organizing projects easy to start and finish.

Lesson 2: Clearing the Path to Destination Organization

In this lesson, I’ll introduce you to grab-and-dash decluttering. This process helps you create results quickly and move from feeling overwhelmed or stuck, to motivated and energized. You’ll find out how to let go of physical items that are cluttering your path to destination organization, and discover why this step simplifies getting your organizing projects done. Plus, I’ll show you how to work around your organizing obstacles such as feeling overwhelmed, perfectionism, a lack of time, and a limited budget.

Lesson 3: Select Your Destination + Map Out Your Journey

In Lesson 3, you continue decluttering and preparing for your organizing journey. You’ll explore what being organized means to you—how it looks, how it feels, and most of all, how you’ll spend your time when you arrive at destination organization. You’ll also gain clarity about how you want your home to look, feel and function. This step will help you stay motivated on the organizing journey, even if you’ve gotten stuck in the past.

Lesson 4: Let’s Hit the Road — Taking Your First Day Trip to Destination Organization

This lesson walks you through a small organizing project, such as a small cabinet, junk drawer, night stand, bookcase, or small closet. You’ll see firsthand how simple, fast and fun it is to organize a space, boosting your confidence and motivation. You’ll also find out five simple questions you can ask while organizing so you can organize and declutter items you don’t use, need or love without feeling guilty. By paring down your belongings, you’ll create space and peace of mind.

Lesson 5: On the Road Again — How to Navigate Larger Organizing Projects

With the experience and confidence of a small project under your (seat) belt, in Lesson 5 you’ll be ready to organize a larger space. Find out how to break a bigger organizing project into a series of smaller, manageable projects—making all of your projects less overwhelming and more doable. You’ll also discover how to maximize your available storage space using containers and other storage solutions. If you live in a home with limited storage space, you won’t want to miss these ideas.

Lesson 6: Staying Motivated on Your Organizing Journey

In the final lesson, you’ll continue making progress on your organizing projects. You’ll also get 13 doable techniques to maintain motivation on your organizing journey. If you’ve burned out or lost your way in the past, these ideas are designed to keep you on track this time. If you do lose momentum along the way, no worries. You’ll get back into action quickly with the ideas presented in this lesson.

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Our Guarantee:

We’re very confident our self-paced, online classes work, so we stand by them. If you are not satisfied with your class, we will give you a full, no-questions-asked refund within 30 days of purchase.

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