Quick + Simple Clutter Control (Instant Download) Class

Quick + Simple Clutter Control workshopConquer everyday clutter!

Are you looking for quick, simple and effective cures to your clutter woes? This workshop shows you how to clear surface clutter and gives you doable strategies to keep it away! Includes professional organizer Aby Garvey’s time-tested clutter control solutions. Get simple, action-oriented ideas and make clutter a thing of your past!

How will you benefit from this class?

  • Learn professional organizer Aby Garvey’s favorite clutter control solutions—techniques she uses to keep her own home clutter-free! (These ideas are simple to implement and will work great in your home, too!)
  • Find out exactly where to start on your decluttering projects, and free yourself from the weight of clutter right away! This workshop is action oriented, which means you’ll begin seeing a visible difference in your surface clutter as soon as you begin.
  • Identify and conquer your clutter hot-spots—those clutter magnets in your home—using simple, proven strategies.
  • Change how your home looks and how you feel. The concepts are presented in simple, bite-sized steps making it easy to take action and clear out your clutter!


Delivery method: Instant download PDF file. Includes 2 lessons with 44 pages of content—including worksheets, checklists, and forms. View a sample of the first lesson.

Price: $19

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Here’s what you get with Quick + Simple Clutter Control:

In Lesson 1:  Understanding Clutter and How to Control It, you will…

  • Use the “clutter hotspots + action plan” worksheet to identify where clutter naturally builds up in your home.
  • Get to the root cause of your clutter and build a personalized action plan to eliminate it. You’ll stop feeling bad about your clutter and begin feeling empowered by the simple steps you can take to do something about it!
  • Understand what clutter is and learn about the clutter threshold. This concept will help free you from the burden of clutter as you begin living within your own personal comfort zone.
  • Learn how to take an objective look at your clutter so you can get to the root cause and develop solutions.
  • Learn a simple process to tackle surface clutter without getting overwhelmed. (Includes a checklist of items that will make decluttering a breeze!)

In Lesson 2:  Projects and Habits, you will…

  • Get ideas for 14 simple clutter busting projects. Then, select and implement your projects based on the action plan you put together in the first lesson.
  • Learn effective strategies for keeping clutter at bay going forward. These ideas will allow you to continue enjoying your decluttered areas long after you complete the self-paced workshop!


  • This class is designed to help you tackle surface clutter in your home. It is not designed to help you dig out of a major organizational backlog. While the solutions presented in this class are applicable to anyone’s home, if you’re faced with daunting organizational backlog and are in need of a more comprehensive overhaul, Organizing 101:  Learn How to Get Organized may be a better starting point for you.

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