Clear Out the Holiday Clutter (Instant Download) Class

holiday clutterGet Your Home Back to Pre-Holiday Shape

Need help and fresh ideas to get your home back into pre-holiday shape? This instant download PDF shows you how to systematically get organized after the holidays and clear out that holiday clutter.

How will you benefit from this class?

Whether you are overwhelmed at the aftermath of the holiday season and don’t know where to begin, or you are sad at the realization that the magic of the holidays has come to an end, one thing is certain: Packing up after the holidays is not nearly as fun as preparing for them! This is your guide to wrap up the holidays, reclaim your home, and make next year’s holiday season even better and more organized! With over 35 pages of content, worksheets and action plans—plus a bonus project—this self-paced workshop gives you everything you need to Clear Out the Holiday Clutter.



Delivery method: Instant download PDF file. Includes 2 lessons with over 35 pages of content—including worksheets, checklists and planning forms.

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Price: $17.00

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Here’s what you get with Clear Out the Holiday Clutter:

Lesson 1

  • Learn a simple, step-by-step action plan for clearing out the holiday clutter.
  • Find space for the new things that have come into your home as a result of the holidays.
  • Take a “Holiday Inventory” for next year.
  • Get a “Clutter-Clearing Action Plan” that makes wrapping up the holidays more fun and much easier!

Lesson 2

  • Discover storage and organizing solutions for all your holiday decorations.
  • Find simple ways to make next year’s holidays even better.


  • Get my “Holiday Card Organizer Project.” I’ll show you how to create a treasured keepsake with your holiday cards and letters so you can enjoy them for years to come!

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