Update: This offer has now ended. Thank you to all who participated. :-)

Summer is a perfect opportunity to spend time with friends, and this summer we’re giving you and one of your friends an amazing opportunity…



We’re offering 50 students the chance to bring a friend for free 

to the summer session of How to Achieve Goals and Create a Life You Love!

Honestly, isn’t everything so much more fun when you do it with a friend? By having a friend join you for this online class, not only will enjoy yourselves more, but you’re also much more likely to succeed. In fact, research indicates you’re 33% more likely to succeed when you tell a friend about your goals and have him or her keep you accountable.

It makes no difference whether you and your friend have a similar goal or not. The idea is that each of you are working towards a better life, motivating one another and keeping each other in check. What better way to spend your time this summer?

Don’t delay! This offer expires Sunday, June 2, 2013, or when the promotional spots are all sold out. Class begins Thursday, June 6, 2013, so hurry and grab a friend and claim your spot now!

How to Bring a Friend for Free

1. Invite a qualifying friend to join you for the class. To qualify…

  • Either you or your friend must be new to simplify 101. If you’re a current or past simplify 101 customer, then invite a friend who has never taken a simplify 101 online workshop or purchased an instant download before. If you’re both new to simplify 101, that’s fantastic!
  • Your friend must agree that he or she wants to take the class. Please talk to your friend ahead of time to make sure he or she would like to participate before you provide us with their name and email address. We don’t want to surprise anyone!

2. One friend signs up and pays full price for the class here.

  • You and your friend can split the cost of the one enrollment fee, but one of you must sign up and pay in full for the class enrollment*. You are welcome to work out a way to split the cost between yourselves anyway you like – check, cash, lattes – whatever works for you!

3. Fill out this contact form with your friend’s details so we can add him or her to the class.

  • Provide your friend’s name and email address via the web form. 
  • Then, simplify 101 will contact your friend via email on or before June 3, 2013 with instructions on how to claim his or her free spot.

checklist simplify 101IMPORTANT:  All three steps must be followed exactly to ensure you and your friend get signed up for class.

  • Be sure to complete all three steps before June 2, 2013 or before all the promotional spots are filled!
  • Print out these instructions and check off each step as you complete it so you don’t miss any steps!

What are you waiting for? Call, text or share with your favorite friend to get take advantage of this offer while space is still available!

**We will update this page when all 50 spots have been filled! So hurry…grab your friend and get signed up today!**

*Note:  This offer may not be combined with other offers such as discount coupons or alumni rates.

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